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Welcome to 1stM.I.D! [1st Marine Infantry Division] Lead alliance of the [U.S.F] [United Special Forces] Right now, there are 2 wars, but we are trying to end them because they are pointless. Other wise just recruit and get your points up!! Semper Fi

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 Alliances / Leaders

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PostSubject: Alliances / Leaders   Mon May 30, 2011 2:53 am

The alliances in the [U.S.F] are

Head Alliance: 1stM.I.D! [U.S.F] led by General_Mike2035, co-lead by AjGonza91

Co-Founder alliances: Freedom[U.S.F] Led by Make_War_arm321 co-lead by Mosshin

86thB.I.H.D[U.S.F] led by SPT_smith, co-lead by Credric-Guy

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Alliances / Leaders
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