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Welcome to 1stM.I.D! [1st Marine Infantry Division] Lead alliance of the [U.S.F] [United Special Forces] Right now, there are 2 wars, but we are trying to end them because they are pointless. Other wise just recruit and get your points up!! Semper Fi

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The [U.S.F] [United Specail Forces] is a group that is from differant types of armies, branches, and countries. But we joined together, to fight, to live in peace. And to stand up for whats right, and destroy anyone who threatens us. We stand, fall, lose, win, together. Once your in the [U.S.F] the words, I, Me, Myself, are no longer, the words you will be using is Us, We, Team!! Also if one person goes to war with one of the alliances, do not talk about it get in the war and help out!! thats what we are here for!! The [U.S.F] is more then just a World Alliance it is a Family, we are the brothers/sisters, soldiers/leaders, of freedom, democracy, and liberity. Any alliance may join if they have the standards which are, a minum of 6 players, at least 2 in the 100k zone, and the alliance is on there feet and running.
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